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Planet Foods: calypso wholesaler

Offer the Freshness of Calypso – The drink of summer

Discover the Calypso collection on Planet Foods, your specialized supplier for professionals. Offer your customers refreshing and exotic drinks that appeal to all ages.

Our Calypso Products

  • Calypso Lemonade : Artisanal lemonades with varied flavors like classic lemonade, strawberry and mango.
  • Calypso Lite : Low-sugar versions to meet the demands of health-conscious customers.
  • Calypso Teamonade : A unique blend of tea and lemonade for a refreshing and tasty drink.

Benefits of the Calypso Collection

  • Natural Ingredients : Calypso drinks are prepared with high-quality natural ingredients, which attracts health-conscious customers.
  • Exotic Flavors : A range of unique and exotic flavors that stand out on the market and attract fans of new products.
  • Attractive Packaging : Colorful and elegant bottles that catch the eye of consumers and stand out on the shelf.
  • Versatility : Ideal for cafeterias, restaurants, and retail stores, providing a refreshing option any time of day.
  • Growing Trend : With increasing demand for artisanal and natural beverages, offering Calypso can increase attendance and sales.

Boost your drinks offer with Calypso on Planet Foods!